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Teranga x The Kiosk



If you’re a travel enthusiast with a limited budget, take a short subway ride to Teranga, Chef Pierre Thiam’s homage to African culinary tradition, and bask in the flavors and sounds of Africa. Originally from Senegal, Chef Thiam creates and serves authentic dishes using sustainably-grown ingredients grown by smallholder farmers in Africa. Highlighting superfoods like fonio, red rice, and baobab, the spot offers a variety of customizable bowls and plates featuring seasoned vegetables and meats prepared with a variety of spices. Teranga, which means good hospitality, isn’t just about food; it’s about recreating a culture of openness and warmth.

Next, continue feeding your wanderlust with a trip to The Kiosk, a Moroccan-themed hookah bar. The casual space is filled with plush chairs, sweeping curtains and glowing lanterns that make you think you’ve wandered thousands of miles to a shishah bar in Marrakesh. Brought to Harlem by restaurateur Mounir Najd, the locale also has cocktails and a Mediterranean-themed menu that includes pita and hummus, lamb sausage and several types of couscous.

East Harlem
Dinner, Drinks, Live Performances
Casual, Cultural


The Africa Center, 1280 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: The full espresso bar and drink menu is its own draw. Enjoy authentic Ethiopian coffee or try a turmeric-infused latte to fight off the burgeoning cold.  

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Credit: Alex Staniloff for Eater NY

The Kiosk

80 East 116th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Looking for entertainment while you indulge? The Kiosk features the best in North African entertainment, from belly dancers to live jazz performances.

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Credit: Cheapeats, Inc. Blog