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Thai Villa x Rye House



Start tonight with a dinner made for royalty at Thai Villa, where the menu specializes in unique cuisine like Shrang Wa Goong and Kun Tok, prepared for Thai royalty in generations past. Although, if you don’t want to be as adventurous, there definitely are more traditional options like pad thai. The ambiance is regal, too, but not in a stuffy royal palace kind of way, more like a warm, beautiful sanctuary. Expect your meal to be presented thoughtfully, made perfect for the gram.

Next, head over to Rye House where there’s whiskey for days! This bar is serving rustic realness with wood all around. Dimly lit, there’s quite a romantic vibe at Rye House, with little lamps float above the bar like fireflies in the night. The menu is packed with creative cocktails—go with Her Red Lipstick, a habañero-infused vodka drink that will surely ignite the fiery passion within you. You still hungry? Order the sloppy joe because why not?

Union Square
Dinner, Drinks
Romantic, Cozy

Thai Villa

5 East 19th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: The only downside about this place is the waiting time. So get here on the earlier side, or expect to wait around an hour.

thai villa nyc
Credit: Thai Villa

Rye House

11 West 17th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: If you like bourbon, try the tasting menu.

Credit: Rye House, Facebook