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The Best, Most Original Couple Costume Ideas For Halloween 2018

By: Jordan Scott 

idk tonight’s whole prerogative is about avoiding the post-work couch conversation of “what do you want to do tonight?” “idk, what do you want to do?” But around Halloween comes a new, just-as-frightening-as-the-holiday-itself-conversation, “what the f*ck are we going to be this year?”

That’s where we come in! Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite couples from television, movies, pop culture and more for you to emulate this Halloween. If you have any amazing ideas that we left out, hit us up @idktonight on Insta or Twitter.

Best Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

No. 1

Hermione Granger & Harry Potter

What you needWe are in the “Hermione and Ron were fan-created bullshit, Harry and Hermione were the clear match” camp. You’ll need a couple of black cloaks & wands, super-teased out hair (#Hermione) and a drawn-on lightning bolt scar (#Harry). Slap on some Hogwarts patches and you’re as golden as the snitch. Maybe throw a time-turner in there too —  they really shined as a couple that day.

No. 2

Lucy and Ricky Ricardo

What You Need: Gals, throw on a polka dot dress and wear your hair in a 50s-style up-do (buy a red wig if you want to go all out). Guys, slick back your hair and wear a sharp suit. You are now the most famous television couple in history. 

No. 3

Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton

What You Need: If you can find it, recreate the boat scene with Allie’s blue dress, pearls, those famous stockings for later, of course, and Noah’s white button down and scruffy beard. The “if you’re a bird, I’m a bird” red gingham bathing suit & headscarf scene works too.

No. 4

Jack Dawson & Rose Dewitt Bukater

What You Need: Yeah, yeah, we all know Jack could’ve fit on the door. Why not play the scene up by walking around with gelled-to-look-wet hair, blue-faced makeup and signs that say “No Room” and “There Was Clearly Room”. 

No. 5

Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar

What You Need: Cowboy hats and some serious sexual chemistry. Miss you, Heath. 

No. 6

Squints & Wendy Peffercorn

What You Need: This is an easy home run costume (baseball pun totally intended). All you need for this Sandlot costume is a red one-piece, a life guard whistle, a baseball cap, baseball tee, and square-framed glasses. All can be found on Amazon. Nick and I did this two years ago and had a blast (Insta for proof).

No. 7

Jack Skellington & Sally

What You Need: For the couple that loves to go all-out scary on Halloween, this is your couple costume. Pick up white and black face paint, a skeleton body suit and make it a project to paint each other’s faces. Even if it doesn’t come out perfectly, you’ll have had a blast before festivities even began. 

No. 8

Buttercup & Wesley

What You Need: Grab a tiara, princess-dress and sword and make sure he’s saying “as you wish” all night. Can’t imagine anything better. 

No. 9

The Phantom & Christine Daae

What You Need: One of those wispy, off-the-shoulder white nightgowns, a half-mask, a cape and some thick black gloves. Hot. 

No. 10

Wall-E & EVE

What You Need: This one is obviously a tough costume to create from scratch, but give it a shot with one of you in all white and a black eye mask, and the other wearing a cardboard box and holding a boot all night. Some versions here. 

No. 11

Blaine Anderson & Kurt Hummel

What You Need: Navy blue school uniforms with red and blue striped ties and to absolutely dominate at karaoke. 

No. 12

Johnny Castle & Baby

What You Need: The obvious costume is to go for “the lift” end scene, but we prefer this fun, light-hearted and very sexy dance moment. Plus, everything they’re wearing is probably in your closet (except for the jorts maybe). 

No. 13

Sandy & Danny

What You Need: Another Jordan and Nick tried and true costume, all you need is a black off-the-shoulder top, leather leggings, teased out hair, a leather jacket (Nick put T-Birds on his with tape), and a couple of fake cigarettes. Tell me about it, stud. 

No. 14

Aria & Ezra

What You Need: So maybe the whole teacher/student thing isn’t okay in real life, but it can work for Halloween. Especially if you’re still devastated PLL is over. For Aria, just get some ridiculously oversized earrings and a pixie-girl dress and have Ezra sulking around behind you all night in his weird vest, button-down and khakis. 

No. 15

Han Solo & Leia

What You Need: This may not be the most original couples-costume idea, but what better time to pay homage to the late great, Carrie Fisher? Make those cinnabun hair braids and grab your Han Solo. 

No. 16

Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable

What You Need: Girl power! And a man who’s willing to be the Ron Stoppable to your Kim Possible. All you need is a tight black crop top, green army pants and perhaps a red wig. Ron can wear that red sports jersey with a black long-sleeve underneath, and maybe hold a naked mole rat. Also, has anyone noticed the similarities between these two and Hermione and Ron? #Connections. 

No. 17

Beauty & the Beast

What You Need: Shout out to the inspiration for this costume, our resident Beauty and the Beast-lovers, Lexi and Matt. While the yellow ball gown and blue tails might be hard to get your hands on, try modernizing it with your favorite dress/top and pants in the same color schemes. 

No. 18

Henry Roth & Lucy Whitmore

What You Need: Long blonde waves, a Hawaiian beach shirt and a very short memory. Have fun with the acting part of the costume. If anyone is annoying, you can just forget them. 

No. 19

Tarzan & Jane

What You Need: A man that is unafraid to be as under-clothed as it takes to be Tarzan. Jane just needs to let her hair down over that white tank top and long red skirt. 

No. 20

Sookie Stackhouse & Bill Compton

What You Need: Vampire teeth, a blonde wig, and to run around the party saying, “Sookie!” “Oh, Bill!” before embracing. Sookie can definitely wear her Merlot’s uniform too. 

No. 21

Jim & Pam

What You Need: Your most boring office-wear. Just be sure to look slightly geeky, and only hang out with each other the whole night, laughing at what everyone else is doing and staring deeply into each other’s eyes. 

No. 22

Laurie & Kevin Garvey

What You Need: Even though the real love story was Kevin and Norah, we think it’d be more fun to dress up as Cop Kevin and All-White-Guilty Remnant Laurie with a cigarette dangling out of her mouth and a white board. 

No. 23

Sherlock Holmes & Irene Adler

What You Need: Outfits from the late 19th century & British accents. Even though, yes, this is a gif of the modern-day Sherlock Holmes. 

No. 24

Meredith & Derek

What You Need: Our favorite on-screen doctors, McDreamy and Messed-Up-Meredith. And all you need is scrubs! P.S., he’s still alive in our book.

No. 25

James Bond & Bond Girl

What You Need: As much as I hate calling the other half of this costume simply “Bond Girl”, they are badass and integral to every Bond movie ever. All we need here is a sharp black and white suit, and a seriously glam slinky gown with a hidden knife on the thigh.  #PierceBrosnanIsTheMillenialsBond

No. 26

Khaleesi & Dragon

What You Need: One of Khaleesi’s fierce, structured dresses, an ice-blonde wig and a fire-breathing date. Because you know we weren’t going to tell you to dress up as her incest-lover (though we do still love you, Jon Snow, you just don’t know anything, ever). 

No. 27

West World: Maeve Millay & Scientist

What You Need: A hot saloon-girl outfit, Thandie Newton’s incredible attitude, and a scientist uniform to play the guy who helps her escape. Guarantee you won’t see anyone in this couple’s costume. Though we wouldn’t be terribly opposed to dressing up as Rodrigo Santoro’s character either. #FireSex

No. 28

Ron Burgundy & Veronica Corningstone

What You Need: The burgundy suit and white pantsuit they met in. And make sure your guy memorizes the “I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany” speech.