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The Grange

Reviewed by Anisa & Rory in November 2017.


The Grange is a rustic-chic, comfort food spot in Hamilton Heights, Harlem. Named after the home Alexander Hamilton lived in nearby, there’s even a cocktail list inspired by the musical.  Though the service was spotty, and the “Sunday Jazz Night” could’ve had more Jazz music, Rory and Anisa will continue frequenting The Grange because the food is always good, and the huge space makes for short wait times (#hangry, avoided).

Listen to their full review on their walk home below. 


Fairly Priced
1635 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan
1, AC, BD
141st & Amsterdam
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Anisa's Take

Food Rating: 9

All of the entrés at the Grange are top-notch. I had gnocchi with lamb mixed in, which was delicious, but drooled over Rory’s enormous burger, ordered off the bar menu. I think I had one of his fries before I even dove into my own dish. But that was deserved. I mean, he had almost three times as much food as me. However, we were disappointed as we eagerly ordered peanut butter cheesecake only to learn EVERY SINGLE dessert was unavailable, except for banana bread pudding. Do people eat that?

Service Rating: 6

It’s worth noting that we know and love The Grange. But tonight they were sort of off their game. Cocktails took over five minutes to arrive, our waitress spilled on the woman next to us, and she initially charged the wrong table’s bill to my card. She was really sweet though…

Fun Factor: 8

Tonight was Jazz Sunday, a weekly occurring event from 7-10 p.m. The best part about this live trio? They weren’t too loud, so you could still maintain a conversation. It was upbeat and relaxed. If you’re looking for a rip-roaring good time, The Grange IS capable of that too — Rory and I once went to their anniversary open bar. An impressive amount of hustle from those bartenders. So many gin and tonics.

idk tip

They are proud of their cocktails. Try one! Right now, the whole cocktail menu is “Hamilton” (yes, like the musical) themed, since The Grange is named for Alexander Hamilton’s estate right down the hill.

Return Appearance?

Definitely! Like I said, they were off their game tonight. But The Grange offers consistently good food and drink and a consistently cool atmosphere. It’s a perfect night out when you’re looking for something a step above dining at the neighborhood ‘it’ bar, Harlem Public.

Rory's Take

Food Rating: 8

The grass-fed burger with added cheddar and bacon made up for a lot of the shortfalls we encountered (the hot buttered house rum drink, while great in short bursts, proved to be too sweet over the long haul; they didn’t have any desserts available other than a banana bread pudding).

Service Rating: 7

The drinks took longer than expected, but the food arrived shortly after that in pretty timely fashion.

Fun Factor: 8

The jazz on Sunday nights adds to the atmosphere without being restrictive; you can still carry a conversation while the music is happening, which is nice.

idk tip

The bar menu is on the back of the regular menu! This might seem like something you’d encounter in the course of searching, but the menu is complete without it, so you might not go looking for it unless you know it’s there.

Return Appearance?

I’ll definitely go back, but I’d probably stick to brunch or lunch rather than dinner, for fear of particular dishes not being available later in the day.