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Thursday Nights: Figure Drawing x Dominie’s Hoek



Whether or not you’re artistic, you probably have had the urge to explore your creative side. What better way to do it than with your sig fig at an easy, breezy event open to all. At Plaxall Gallery in Long Island City, you can sketch a nude model, have a free drink, and sharpen your skills—however far along they might be—in a relaxed atmosphere. Arrive after 6:30pm (drawing begins at 7pm) and participate in any of the shorter timed renditions that help you draw without judgment. (Options include 25 minutes of 1-minute, 2-minute, and 5, 10, working up to 20 minute long poses.) You will create dozens of drawings, so make sure you bring enough supplies. Admission is $10 ($5 for LIC-A members) and includes free beer, wine, and popcorn.

After you’ve worked out your drawing skills, you will likely have worked up an appetite. Head to Dominie’s Hoek, a neighborhood barroom in Long Island City named in homage to a term used by the Dutch, back in the 1600s, to describe the hook of land east of Manhattan. Outside, the blue door and front façade accented in gold paint speak to Dutch heritage. Inside, from the skull and antlers hanging on the brick façade behind the bar to the sexy red walls and mood lighting, this bar is the epitome of casual cool. Grab brunch on the chill back patio if you want more of an airy, open ambiance, or sit inside for a cocktail or two and some small bites including your favorite bar foods (nachos, mozzarella sticks, tots, hot dogs, and wings). Happy hour is Monday-Friday from 4-8pm—$5 for all beers, well drinks and sangria.

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Thursday Nights: Figure Drawing

The Plaxall Gallery, 5-25 46th Avenue, Queens

idk tip: Stock up on supplies beforehand at their suggested site. They suggest large, cheap newsprint pads and medium charcoal sticks. This said any medium that works for you is game; pencil, markers, watercolor, and even crayons.

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Credit: Long Island City Artists, Inc., Eventbrite

Dominie's Hoek

648-17 Vernon Boulevard, Queens

idk tip: $9 gets you all you can drink mimosas and sangria on the weekends.

dominie's hoek nyc
Credit: Drink NYC