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Union Pizza Works x The Ledge



Union Pizza Works is a gem of a place and a perfect site for an early-evening dinner. This pizzeria is authentic, lively, and comforting while also remaining mellow. From the outside, considering it looks like an abandoned car repair garage (and might in fact be so), you might not know that UPW boasts some of the best tasting pizza in Brooklyn – yeast dough that’s sizzled to a light crisp in their open pizza oven. For a meal that might seem so simple, these guys deliver a flavor straight from the motherland.

Dust off any lingering rustic vibes as you head to The Ledge, Barbie’s 1970’s dreamhouse. This speakeasy (and by that we mean walk through a restaurant, up a few stairs, and poof – you’ve found it!) serves craft cocktails that are relatively reasonably priced when compared to other neon-infused, hip and trendy hot spots. These cocktails can be enjoyed while sitting around the bubblegum pink bar or outside on the literal ledge (aka narrow patio). Wherever you linger, you’ll be sure to enjoy your post-dinner in this happy-go-lucky vibe bar.

Dinner and Drinks
Casual and Exploratory

Union PIzza Works

423 Troutman Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: They’re cash only!

Union Pizza Works
Credit: Nooklyn

The Ledge

321 Starr Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: Don’t be confused by the bar and restaurant on the first floor which is Gemelli. Think pink!

The Ledge
Credit: The Ledge