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Vinegar Hill House

Reviewed by Sophie x Chris in August 2017.


Have you never been to Vinegar Hill? A travesty. Go now, and make sure to include Vinegar Hill House in your visit. The food is on-point (hi there, tasty bluefish), and the surrounding neighborhood is even better. Listen to Sophie and Chris’ review below.


Casual Chic
Moderately Priced
72 Hudson Avenue, Brooklyn
Vinegar Hill
Hudson Avenue & Water Street

Sophie's Take

Food Rating: 8

The cast-iron chicken was the definite highlight, totally delicious and satisfying. The blue-fish starter was also super tasty, cornbread was a BIG portion and a nice addition, and we definitely enjoyed our cocktails. The one item that didn’t exceed expectations was the manicotti, which was still good, but more average.

Service Rating: 9

When we first checked in (with a reservation) we were seated at a really crappy table squished into the corner, when the restaurant was still half-empty. We nicely asked if we could move to a different two-top and they were super nice about it and obliged. Overall, service was very attentive, polite, and quick.

Fun Factor: 7

I wouldn’t say the vibe is meant for LOLs, but actually the place got pretty lively as it got later. We had a great time and the decor was definitely a conversation piece.

idk tip

If it’s a nice night, ask to sit in the backyard! We didn’t even know it existed until we got up and went to the bathroom.

Chris' Take

Food Rating: 10

The cast iron chicken was soooo good. So was the cornbread and the bluefish salad. Actually everything was outstanding except the cannelloni, which were just good.

Service Rating: 7

We were initially seated at a really small table right next to two dudes who were clearly also on a date when the place was otherwise almost empty. I understand they were expecting a full house and they moved us when we asked, but it was still a less than ideal start.

Fun Factor: 8

It was more relaxing than fun. It got kind of loud by the time we left, mostly because of one large table celebrating a birthday and the people next to us not using their inside voices. But it was overall a very soothing environment.

idk tip

Make sure you have a reservation – and order the cast iron chicken! Also the portions were very big, I’m a growing boy but I was stuffed with one app, two mains to split, and a side.