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Wayla x The Flower Shop



With a serene, vibrant backyard to lounge about in, Wayla specializes in delicious Thai country cooking and zesty street foods straight from the streets of Bangkok.  This peaceful getaway is slightly hidden, with an easy-to-miss door that leads into a basement backyard paradise of plum sauce wings, coconut curries, juicy pork sausages and a Thai fried rice that’ll blow all other variations away. On top of their extraordinary grip on Thai favorites, their mixologists are seriously dedicated, with a list of concoctions that includes The Land of Smiles (gran centenario plata, thai chili, tamarind, cucumber, lemon sea salt) and the totally  refreshing Sway Wayla (brooklyn gin, butterfly pea blossom, cucumber, lemon, shiso).

The vibes at The Flower Shop are authentically, unapologetically 70s, with a fun and colorful vintage theme running through the decor and infiltrating the laid back ambiance. You’ll find your nightcap in the basement, where there’s likely a crowd in bell bottoms and groovy tees playing a round of pong and gathering around the bright pink fireplace. Toss down a couple of the classics churned out with a spin, like a margarita with muddled jalapenos or vodka martini mixed with cold brew, and that big, delicious Thai dinner will go down easy.

Lower East Side
Dinner, Drinks
Satisfying, Vibrant


Basement at 100 Forsyth Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Dessert has to be their coconut ice cream. It’s perfect for summer, but it’s also just perfect.

wayla nyc
Credit: Wayla

The Flower Shop

107 Eldridge Street, Manhattan

idk tip: If you like micheladas and you like mezcal, we highly recommend getting tipsy on their mezcal michelada.

the flower shop nyc
Credit: The Flower Shop