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While In Kathmandu x Milo’s Yard



Offering an updated take on Nepali food that’s as contemporary as it is affordable, While in Kathmandu is worth traveling to Ridgewood for. In authentic Nepalese tradition, little mounds of tasty goodness, like massamun curry, spiced potato, or other proteins are presented not on a plate, but on a pancake (a variety of options available to choose as your base). Momos, the dumplings found across the Himalayas, are soupy and delicious (pork based) parcels. While in Kathmandu is simple, comforting and gets bonus points for having a backyard with a sweet arrangement of gravel, picnic tables and paper lanterns on strings of twinkle lights. Love

The owners of Milo’s Yard (named after their dog) are avid collectors of 1980’s and 1990’s pinball machines and converted what was once a vacant large butcher shop, into an adult playground. Nestled under a cozy entrance of holiday lights, this bar has everything you’d want for the ultimate chill sesh with your babe—vintage pinball, a decent craft beer selection, and an ‘international street food-inspired’ menu. The eccentric food menu includes steamy-hot and spicy vegetarian samosas wrapped in tin foil, Chinese pork buns, and a Chicago-style hot dog—we told you it was unique.

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Cheerful, Authentic

While in Kathmandu

758 Seneca Avenue, Queens

idk tip: Go for breakfast and try their version of the quintessential New York bodega breakfast, Bacon, egg, and cheese presented on a pancake.

while in kathmandu nyc
Credit: While in Kathmandu, Facebook

Milo's Yard

564 Seneca Avenue, Queens

idk tip: If you’re feeling a cocktail, we recommend the Diamond Plate Toddy.

milo's yard nyc
Credit: Yelp, Photo by: Davis P