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The Wizard’s Brunch & Dinner x Bowlmor



For all of you Gryffindors still waiting to receive your acceptance letter from Hogwarts, we’ve got a date night for you! It’s a totally immersive dinner (or brunch, if you’re early birds) based on witchcraft and wizardry and it’s sure to spark some magic in your lives. Sip on boozy wizard’s potion as you watch spells unfold and witches at work. And while this isn’t technically endorsed by JK herself, we totally see the similarities and you will, too. Food is served buffet style, so there’s a great selection of fare and they encourage you to dress up as your favorite magic folk, so basically it’s like Halloween is coming early and what’s better than that?

When the fat lady sings (… get it?) and the witches and wizards have retired to the towers, head on over to Bowlmor for a totally unique bowling experience. There are strobe lights and there is neon and this certainly ain’t your hometown bowling alley. Equipped with a great bar and an even better ambiance, it feels more like a club than a bowling alley. They even have craft beer for all of your beer lovers out there. So lace up those shoes and grab a bowling ball, this place sure won’t strike out.

Brunch/Dinner and Sports
Fun and Offbeat

The Wizard's Brunch & Dinner

 Pier 60, Chelsea Piers, Manhattan

idk tip: Alcohol isn’t included in the Wizard’s Brunch ticket price, so make sure to plan ahead.

The Wizard's Brunch
Credit: The Wizard's Brunch & Dinner, Facebook


Pier 60, Chelsea Piers, Manhattan

idk tip: Bowlmor has TVs, in case you or your sweetie want to catch a sports game.

Credit: Bowlmor