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Wolfgang’s Steakhouse x The Churchill Tavern



When you want to dial up the romance and show off the earnings of your hustle, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is the place. The passion project of Peter Luger’s former headwaiter, this place is one of the best in the city to get a top-notch porterhouse. With vaulted, tiled seatings, wood accents, and white tablecloths, you’ll feel like you just walked into a secret club that worships meat. And you kind of have—they age their steaks for a full 28 days. Expect great service and a lively atmosphere—this place is known for frequent engagements. If you’re not quite there yet, make it a game and take a sip of your elderflower cocktail every time someone pops the question.

Continue drinking to the success of a lucky couple (including yours) at the nearby Churchill Tavern. This pub is decorated in the English-style, which means dark wood, stain glass accent windows, and a mannequin fully dressed in the style of England’s palace guards. Subtle. Go during the holidays and the festive decorations will have you feeling some type of way. With a variety of imported beer, this place can get crowded but luckily has two levels full of seating.

Dinner, Drinks
Classy, Lively

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

4 Park Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: It may be a steakhouse, but they respect all proteins and serve up an excellently fresh seafood platter.

wolfgangs steakhouse nyc
Credit: Wolfgang's Steakhouse

The Churchill Tavern

45 East 28th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Three words: Buffalo. Chicken. Meatballs.

the churchill tavern nyc
Credit: The Churchill Tavern