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Wonder World x Emily



First, let’s slow things down and appreciate the innovative beauty this city has to offer. Wonder World is an immersive pop-up in SoHo that celebrates fantasy and art (located in Andy Warhol’s historic studio). With six different spaces to explore, you’ll be consumed by pastels and neons, oversized teacups (which you’re welcome to sit inside of, a la Alice in Wonderland), crescent moons to lounge on, and multicolored macaron pillows (which are wholly inedible, in case you were wondering). Tickets are $26 each, and the walkthrough should last you roughly 30 minutes.

Once you step out of Wonder World, take a stroll together. Then take in the city. And the sights. And the history. Until, finally, you reach Emily (note the white neon storefront sign). Co-owned by two genuine lovebirds (Matt and Emily), this pizza joint is easily one of the best in the city. Inside their cozy black and white space, soak up all the natural light as they blow your minds with their artisanal pies, charming aesthetic, and creative craft cocktails (the Peach Emoji is as cute as it is delish). For order bliss, start with the Caesar salad and split several pizzas — namely the Pig Freaker with Benton’s bacon, kimchi, sesame, and miso queso and The Mimi with ricotta, roasted garlic, mushrooms, and basil. This place does New York’s pizza obsession proud.

Soho, West Village
Art, Dinner
Tickets, $26
Creative, Romantic

Wonder World

76 Wooster Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Try to arrive within fifteen minutes prior to your time slot, just to be safe.

wonder world nyc


35 Downing Street, Manhattan

idk tip: We’re in love with their prettiest pie, For the Nguyen. We think you will be, too.

emily pizza west village