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The Best Places For A Workout Date In NYC

By: Sophia Marina

After a long hard day of work and play in the city that never sleeps, working out can seem like another unwanted task tacked onto an already energy-consuming day — but if you and your person want the absolute best for each other, then helping each other be sound of body and sound of mind should be top of the list.

New York offers just about every kind of workout imaginable to the modern mind, from aqua cycling to hot yoga to gyrotonics, and it’s all certainly enough to strike your collective motivations and get you geared up. Whether you’re meditating or throwing punches, having your partner by your side casts a whole new feel to the workout experience: supported, enjoying it, and in it for both of you. Get inspired or try something for the sheer fun of it using our guide to NYC’s most extreme, niche, positive and effective workouts to take on as a couple.

Read on for our best work-out dates in NYC. 

The Fittest Dates In New York

Switch Playground
180 6th Avenue — SoHo | 130 East 12th Street — East Village

This boot-camp-style program is not for the faint of heart or totally out of shape, but just right for couples already on their grind and looking to spruce it up. The HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout at Switch Playground is designed for partnering up and going hard, working under the concept that teamwork makes things more fun. Never lose sight of your person as you weave your way through twenty 2-minute stations of extreme full-body circuit training, so you can test yourselves and help yourselves while you drill. Expert instructors and trainers survey the scene, as well as a live DJ that pumps the dark, neon strobe-lit room with music while you grind.

switch playground nyc
Credit: Switch Playground
Rock Climbing
Various Locations

Just ‘cause this is the city doesn’t mean we don’t have the option of the great outdoors. If you just can’t stand the idea of gyms, running, or any traditional style of fitness, rock climbing is an enjoyable and equally beneficial alternative. Cardio, strength building and improved flexibility are part of the climbing repertoire, not to mention all the fun of huge heights and big thrills next to your number one. Beginners, worry not — the specialized, massive and modern facilities we’ve rounded up offer intro classes to teach you the ropes. Whether its Brooklyn Boulders, The Cliffs at LIC, or MPHC in Manhattan, all of these top-rated climbing gyms are action-packed and well-equipped to guide you both to the top.

mhpc climbing gym nyc
Credit: MHPC Climbing Gym
Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center
243 West 24th Street, Manhattan

There’s lots of yoga to choose from in NYC, but if you and your person are looking for some authentic, down to earth, original stuff, then Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center is the place to start. Opened in 1957 by Swami Vishnudevananda — one of the first yogis to come to the West and spread yoga teachings — this homey and warm little studio focuses on sādhanā, or daily spiritual practice, to work on energizing and rejuvenating the body and mind. Rather than pure bodily strength, this oasis of tradition enhances your ability to concentrate, relax and detach from the senses through guided breathing, meditation, calisthenics, positive thinking and even lectures and cooking workshops for those who want to go full swing. Experienced or not, Sivananda offers courses for everyone and a perfectly serene, masterful space to find peace in.

sivananda yoga nyc
Credit: Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center
Rumble Boxing
146 West 23rd Street — Flatiron / Chelsea | 700 Broadway — NoHo

Celebrity-proofed and all the rave, this boxing-centric HIIT program combines the best of the best in boxing, strength training and cardio for an intense, full-bodied workout. With only six punches to learn, and impressive, specially-trained staff, Rumble invites everyone to throw a few rounds without worrying about appearance or competition — workouts are in the dark, and set to blaring motivational hip-hop and house music. Let all your stress and anger out on their special aqua punching bags for a lean, clean fighter’s physique and the kind of clarity you can only get when you’re both in tip-top form. Your first class gets you another one free, so you’ll have more motivation than just each other to keep those punches flyin’.

rumble boxing nyc
Credit: Rumble Boxing
37 West 26th Street, 9th Floor, Manhattan

What better way to get pumped AF than by jumping up and down on a trampoline? The rebound workouts at trampoLEAN utilize mini trampolines and fitness bands that hang from the ceiling like party streamers for a cardio-centric sweat to get you toned to the bone. For those who like their exercise on the lighter side, this realm of fitness offers the right combination of lighthearted fun and rigorous activity (they even host a few raves), with the option to focus on improving what you want: abs, arms, butt, legs or a total body burn. Under the glowing colored lights and upbeat music, you and your love will probably forget you’re exercising at all.

trampolean nyc
Credit: trampoLEAN, Instagram

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Core Pilates NYC
900 Broadway #402, Manhattan

Pilates is a time-tested method of improving flexibility, balance, control and muscle strength in the parts of your body that probably need it most, a.k.a your lower back, abs, hips, and butt. The bright, airy and clean studio at Core Pilates NYC is ideal because it’s diverse — no single style of pilates dominates, so you and your S.O. can choose between the classic mat classes, or the more modern, machine-inclusive Tower and Reformer classes. Groups are small and each instructor specializes in a different technique so that you both have a shot at sculpting the body you want in a way that’s right for you. Want to keep it private? Duet classes (like private classes, but for two) are available for healthy couples just like you.

core pilates nyc
Credit: Core Pilates NYC, Instagram
Various Locations

This one’s easy, folks. Our city is all views, so partner up and take advantage of the beauty at your own pace, on your own time, at any of these perfect-for-running scenic pathways: Hudson River Pathway, Fort Greene Park, Riverside Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, West Side Highway Hudson River Park, and for some full-fledged nature, Van Cortlandt Park.

brooklyn bridge park nyc
Credit: Julienne Schaer — Brooklyn Bridge Park
Aqua Studio
78 Franklin Street, Manhattan

For those of us who can’t stand sweating. The cycling workouts at Aqua Studio take place submerged in their delicious 84-degree saltwater pool, focus on cardio + strength, and make use of water in all of its wonderful ways. Less friction, natural resistance, and total buoyancy ensure your bodies are in the happy place required to both strengthen and heal, for an active and refreshing wellness experience. The first and only of its kind, water cycling at Aqua is the kind of totally new experience you just need to try out together– for the health benefits, sure, but also for the fun of taking a dunk with your love.

aqua studio nyc
Credit: Aqua Studio
Tone House
32 East 31st Street — NoMad | 201 East 71st Street — Upper East Side

Bet you never thought you’d be in a team huddle with the one you love, but nothing beats getting pumped up together, anyway. If you’re serious about scoring results and you love the pain and glory of sports, then team up with your person and book a session at Tone House. With the goal of bringing out the inner athlete in everyone, this team-oriented workout takes place on black turf under red lighting and runs through all the strength and conditioning you thought you’d left behind in high school: burpees, hurdles, bear crawls and box jumps. A “movement training” philosophy means more muscle groups targeted and more energy expended to maximize positive results– consider those calories burned and those muscles toned. It’s exactly the rough kind of challenge you’ll want to approach with your number one.

tone house nyc
Credit: Tone House, Instagram
The Cobra Club
6 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn

For a more laid back take on what being active and healthy means, try a yoga session at under-the-radar The Cobra Club, a Bushwick establishment that triples as a cafe and a bar. Yoga here is unpretentious and informal– no levels or distinctions, just good ole’ breathing, stretching and good vibes. Don’t expect a lot of special guidance or correction, but do expect the relaxing and fun yoga experience you’ve always wanted to have. When you’re done being a “yoga misfit,” top off your casual workout with a coffee, a couple of drinks, karaoke or a game of pool, because yep, they’ve got everything you need for a cute little date.

cobra club yoga nyc
Credit: Brokelyn
Various Locations

If you’re not a running couple, you just might be a swimming couple. Several of the city’s top gyms house state of the art pools perfect for taking a dip and getting a few laps in. You’re each other’s best motivation, so it’s just a matter of signing up and jumping in. Any of these facilities has got you more than covered: Chelsea Piers Fitness, Brooklyn Athletic Club, and CompleteBody.

chelsea piers nyc
Credit: Chelsea Piers
Studio In The Sky
92nd Street Y, 1395 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan

You may think you’re too old for gymnastics, but that’s just not true. At the 92nd St Y Studio in the Sky, classes taught by professional USAG-certified coaches are up for adults, and private lessons are an option if the only person you want to embarrass yourself in front of is your S.O. Learn to tumble and develop the aerial skills you always been in awe of, in addition to gaining extreme flexibility (we know what that’s useful for), strengthening your bones and developing a healthy sense of discipline. This is for health, and for fun– not for going to the Olympics, so don’t let Gymnastics’ elite state deter you from getting your stretch on. If you want the workout and the equipment without the artistry, Gymnastics and Parkour workouts are a thing there, too.

studio in the sky nyc
Credit: 92 Y, New York
Village Gyrotonic
35 Bedford Street, Manhattan

No matter how good the back rubs you give each other are, posture problems and chronic pain aren’t a quick fix. Enter Gyrotonics, an exercise method that fuses the principles of yoga, pilates, tai-chi, and swimming and utilizes gentle, rotating spiral movements in a continuous flow to address all problem parts of your body, stimulate your nervous system, and increase strength and flexibility. Using special machines and guided practice at Village Gyrotonic, you and your love can do away with muscle tension and fatigue using this unconventional, little-known method that devotees swear by, and build your bodies up for the better. At relatively low intensity and a concentration on your natural range of motion, it’s perfect for couples who need something gentle but effective to meet their workout needs.

village gyrotonic nyc
Credit: Village Gyrotonic
The Pursuit by Equinox
Multiple Locations

For couples who are confident they can push through anything together and come out on top, it’s the high-intensity cycling workout at Equinox that will push you to your limits and give you a chance to show your strengths off. There’s no better way to get your cardio in and build your endurance than some hardcore, furious cycling, and The Pursuit takes it a notch up by displaying your stats on the wall for motivation. You can choose from Build, (slightly less intense), or Burn, both of which run through several intervals of uphill cycling and push you to improve– the goal is to beat your previous stats. Get some friendly competition going and try it out at one of their many, many locations all around the city.

pursuit by equinox nyc
Credit: The Pursuit: Burn — Equinox
Yoga Spark
158 Duane Street, Manhattan

If you and your love are looking to sweat it out, look no further — Yoga Spark’s perfectly clean, modern and spacious studio is just the place for burning calories and shedding stress. Step into the heat  (95 degrees, to be exact) of the studio and let your muscles loosen, then follow the instructor’s upbeat, experienced lead for the most comprehensive and clean hot yoga you and your person have ever struck a pose in. In just one hour, this dynamic, vigorous approach to Bikram yoga will leave you aching and breathless, but reinvigorated and satisfied with the sweat you’ve spilled on their soft matted floors.

yoga spark nyc
Credit: Yoga Spark

Making yourselves get up and go is often the hardest part, and when neither you nor your love can motivate each other enough, Aaptiv is there to facilitate your workout and provide the closest thing to IRL training possible. This easy app asks you to input your goals, select a workout based on those goals and the music that pumps you up, then provides an audio by one of their professional trainers to guide your exercise so that it’s efficient, effective and exactly what you want. All kinds of cardio, strength training, yoga, and even 5k prep workouts are available for you and your person to try out together or use individually at the same time — whatever your fancy, this app means no excuses. Plus, get 30% off with code IDKTONIGHT. Go forth! 

aaptiv nyc
Credit: Atlantic Television

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