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Xi’an Famous Foods x The Gutter



You’ve heard of it before, and now it’s time for you and your one and only to make the pilgrimage over and indulge in the New York specialty that is Xi’an Famous Foods. Hand-pulled noodles give them an unforgettably chewy texture, only enhanced by the zest and flavor of ingredients, sauces, and recipes specific to the X’ian Province in China, where a Middle-Eastern influence packs a whole new level of taste to the cuisine. Ample cumin, cilantro, soy sauce, garlic, and spicy sauces grace these plates of hand-ripped noodles, hot or cold, served quick and tasty for you and your love to pick this, pick that, pick this, and try it all out.

After filling up on unbelievably good noodles at Xian’s, you’re going to want to walk– or in this case, bowl– it off, with some good drinks for energy and lightheartedness at The Gutter. At this charming retro bowling alley, you and your love can hype up the competition and play each other without having to worry about anyone getting embarrassed– at only 8 lanes, this comfy joint manages to stay feeling cozy, vintage and adult. Trust us when we say some light bowling is the fun, innocent thing you needed to do again.

Dinner, Bowling, Drinks
Fairly Priced
Vibrant, Amusing

Xi'an Famous Foods

648 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: Even though we’ve been hyping the noodles, don’t be afraid to try their house-made flatbread burgers–they’re famous for those, too.

xian famous foods nyc
Credit: Xi'an Famous Foods

The Gutter

200 North 14th Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: Call in and reserve if you can’t be counted on for patience– the intimate 8-lane experience can work up a line.

gutter nyc
Credit: The Gutter