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Zauo x Pierre Loti



Sometimes you go for the experience, and sometimes you go for the food, but at Zauo, it’s a healthy and exciting dose of both. This popular Japanese spot makes its new home in NYC with the dazzling offer of letting you fish for your food inside the restaurant, then having it made fresh sashimi style, grilled, simmered in soy sauce, or tempura style. With assistance from staff, you and your person can perch over the water and wait for dinner to tug on the line, reel it up to the sound of celebratory drums, and have it cooked up the way you want it. Beyond the fishing fun comes the ethics and Japanese cultural focus — sourcing directly, and using every single part of the catch to express gratitude and respect toward the meal.

After the fishing fun is over and done, you’ll want some quiet, intimate space to wind down from the thrills and have a proper chat. Enter Pierre Loti, a serene, unlit little wine bar that’s all about ambiance and a refined and constantly changing selection of vino. Nab a private table for yourselves, order what you love and have your end-of-the-day catch up over a couple of glasses of the good stuff. 

Dinner, Drinks
Can Get Pricey
Spunky, Amusing


152 West 24th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: You can order per usual from their menu, but going fishing is actually way cheaper. So even if you have to be a little patient, it’s well worth the wait.

zauo nyc
Credit: Zauo

Pierre Loti

259 West 15th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: If you’re overwhelmed by the wide array of choices, don’t stress — a digital sommelier is available through the restaurant on an iPad.

pierre loti nyc
Credit: Pierre Loti Chelsea