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Zenkichi x Cosmic Nights



There’s something about being in love in New York that feels cosmically aligned—it’s like the stars came together for you and your love to meet and be with each other in the greatest city in the world. Well, tonight’s all about celebrating that alignment with Cosmic Nights by Broadly—a monthly astrology-themed dance party that celebrates love and life by honoring the zodiac sign of the season. They’re kicking it off with the first sign of the zodiac—Aries. Think spicy, strong cocktails, red neon lights, a dance floor and an initiation ceremony with actual fire to honor this fire sign. Photo and Insta ops abound, and they’ll have astrologers on site for complimentary readings. We’re pumped. Find the future Cosmic Night events here.

You’re going to need to fuel up for this bold night in honor of the ram, and balance it out with some quiet—Zenkichi is just the place to do so. A modern brasserie that delivers on a promise of authentic Japanese cuisine transplanted from the best fine-dining restaurants in Tokyo, the spot has semi-private booth tables, perfect to cuddle up and snuggle with your love. Order your choice of their small plate selection and round off your meal with some Junmai sake. If you’re not feeling choices tonight, go with their 8-course tasting menu—it’s $75 per person, and lets you sample a bit of everything.

Dinner, Dance Party
Intimate, Magical


77 North 6th Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: There’s a cool little cash-only bar, Akariba, below the restaurant that serves sake and oysters. 

zenkichi nyc
Credit: Zenkichi New York

Cosmic Nights

Villain, 307 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn 

idk tip: Broadly gave us a sneak peek into what we can expect for the upcoming signs—an indulgent spread of treats for Taurus or potentially, a seance for Scorpio. 

cosmic nights nyc
Credit: Broadly, Eventbrite