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Zero Otto Nove

Reviewed by Victoria x Graig in August 2017.


Victoria and Graig went to the Bronx location of Zero Otto Nove, though there are several other locations — one in Flatiron and one in Westchester. They were both impressed with the Italian fare (especially the veggie-based sauce of Victoria’s pasta) and felt the restaurant gave off an intimate, warm vibe. They’d definitely come back. Listen below to hear them debate whether the staff were all Italian immigrants, or part of the job training was learning an Italian accent.


Italian Restaurant
Fairly Priced
15 W 21st Street, Manhattan
Bronx (Also Flatiron & Westchester)
21st Between 5th & 6th
NR, FM, 46
zero otto nove bill

Victoria's Take

Food Rating: 9

The mussels we got as an appetizer were good but we’ve had better. My rigatoni con zucca was amazing and perfectly cooked. I love veggie based sauces that aren’t tomato based, and this was so flavorful. The wine our server recommended paired perfectly with what I ordered.

Service Rating: 9

Great, quick service. Very knowledgeable staff, and the hostess was great. I will say that because we had a late dinner and took our time, after we got the check we did feel like we were being given hints by the staff that it was time to leave, even when there were other tables still occupied. But to be fair, we knew the restaurant was closing so it didn’t affect our night, and we didn’t feel rushed during our meal.

Fun Factor: 9

The warm lighting and relaxed atmosphere made us comfortable right away. Part of the reason we stayed till close is that we were so absorbed in conversation and lost ourselves a little bit in the intimite mood of the place. Plus the dining area is interesting and full of detail, so the decor is a conversation piece all on its own.

idk tip

Because the neighborhood tends to shut down earlier in the evenings than Manhattanites may be used to, I’d recommend looking up closing times of anything in the area before you head over.

Return Appearance? 

We would definitely come back, especially to bring friends on a double or triple date. As Bronxites, the area is a place we’re proud of, and Zero Otto Nove in particular is a nice place to share.

Graig's Take

Food Rating: 8

We started with the mussels in marinara which was really good and fresh. I had the Pollo Boscaiola, which is a spicy chicken dish. It had potatoes, mushrooms, and peppers. It was delicious, but I wish it came with some greens.

Service Rating: 8

Very attentive staff. It is a smaller dining room with a large knowledgeable staff. You are well taken care of, and they are happy to give both good and drink recommendations.

Fun Factor: 8

This place is a lot of fun. The decor makes you feel like you are outside at a restaurant in Italy. It is a lively, fun atmosphere, where you can definitely relax and unwind.

idk tip

Arthur avenue is a great spot with a ton of great restaurants, and Italian cafes, and bakeries. It is also very close to the zoo, and the botanical gardens, so make a day out of it.

Return Appearance? 

I would definitely go back. It is a fun restaurant, with great food, great service, and a fun atmosphere.